Seasoning Applications
GIF is very unique in providing services since we do not only provide the appropriate seasoning product, but also provide complete technical know-how in the application of seasonings onto the food products, like:
  • dusting system
  • spraying system (oil spray, water base spray)
  • oil slurry (oil based seasoning)
  • water based seasoning (Caramel coating or sugar coating)
Research & Development Team
We know the regional taste. Our technologists are composed of professional group of experts committed to the creation of desired and specific tastes that are best for the particular client. Tell us what you want, and we work together until the desired seasonings are reached.

Laboratory & Testing
Our state-of-the-art laboratory and testing equipment ensure that our products always comply with the highest standards required in the industry for safety purposes.

Manufacturing Facilities
GIF produces the high quality products through a continuous (on-line) production facility, thus minimizing human interventions along the process. We always keep into consideration the highest degree of hygiene in all our manufacturing equipment.

Technical Cooperation
We also offer our technical services for the development of snack products by cooperation with your manufacturing team. Our experts are capable of providing snack base formulations and also do hands-on with your snack food machineries in achieving desired textures, shapes, and tastes of your base products.